Tsang Earthbrew [W.I.P]


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    Tsang Earthbrew [W.I.P]

    Post  Flaw on Thu Sep 13, 2012 7:02 am

    Name: Tsang Earthbrew
    Title: Master of Commerce in the Purple Bellflower School of Tushui
    Origin: The Wandering Isle
    Age: Middle Aged
    Class: Monk

    While Tsang is now known to the the youngest Master of the Purple Bellflower School of Tushui, he had humble beginnings in a family of artisans and labourers. Tsang was the sixth child of his generation of the Earthbrew family that originated from the south eastern Dai-Lo province of the Wandering Isle.

    The Earthbrew family are known for their strong work ethic, Tsang's parents, siblings, uncles and aunts all worked together. The men of the Earthbrew family worked in the barley fields of Uncle Pochan's farm, while the women worked in Tsang's mother's (Meirong Earthbrew) seamstress house. Taking to work and labour as if it was an artform and philosophical path, the Tushui family provided their services to nearby settlements and in particular, the Ki-Han Brewery. A simple people who lived a simple life...

    But not Tsang. Larger than life with even bigger aspirations, Tsang had a great appetite for material, philosophical and mental wealth! Starting work early, Tsang became an assistant in one of the local breweries and it was here that he found his calling of brewing. Work and artistry went hand-in-hand with Tsang and it would be his frequent and varied employment that would become his character. Tsang did not set his sights short and overtime worked a variety of jobs. Tsang Earthbrew, through his many years of work and of meeting people, his title of Merchant and Tea-brewer was soon established through the eastern provinces of the Wandering Isle.

    Over the recent years, Tsang met what would become the Masters of the Purple Bellflower school and with them founded the academy. He brings his expertise of exploration, research, labour and commerce to the school, teaching the upcoming artisans and workers that are of Tushui Pandaren.

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