Luiwei the calm


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    Luiwei the calm

    Post  Luiwei on Thu Sep 27, 2012 9:33 am

    This 85 year old Pandaren was born in the lands named Wandering Isle, named Luiwei by her mother and father.

    She has the peaceful heart of healer and spirit of a Monk growing within her, as she got older her parents decided to train her in the Arts of both the Monk arts and the Healing arts.

    She was taught more of the art of healing than fighting. Her Sister Rickumi was taught more to be a fighter.

    After years of training and learning, finding her inner peace and the balance to be able to do both arts, having not mastered fighting but learned more healing.

    She learned to control her emotions at an early age. She has only failed a few times but has learned from this.

    She is a simple panda, happy and helpful. Always there for people if they need her. She will never force her help on someone always giving them a chance to choose take it or leave it.

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    Re: Luiwei the calm

    Post  TheExplorer on Wed Oct 03, 2012 4:35 pm

    Simple and to the point, I like it! Razz

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