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    "All my life, I have studied the masters. Our ancient texts, our revered commentaries. I have devoted myself to the pursuit of knowledge. But I know - I have always known - that I know nothing.

    Pandaria is merely a legend, and the world beyond the homeland less than a dream. What do the Pandaren of the mainland write? What are their commentaries? What happenes there today? What of the intelligent races beyond? I feel like all our knowledge, all our wisdom, is put a drop of water in the ocean.

    Title: Master, Director of Studies, School of the Purple Bellflower
    Name: Baochai Snowflower.
    Origin: The Wandering Isle.
    Age: Middle-Aged.
    Baochai Snowflower was a quiet, introspective, bookish child, always stealing away to look enviously at the students of Shang Xi Academy. She was from a large family. Her father a craftsman, her mother a teacher herself. Baochai was often overlooked compared to her elder siblings, quiet in a corner, but the lengthy ethical discussions - practical yet profound - that her mother often gave had a strong impact on her development. As she grew into a woman her studies took up more of her time, and soon simply learning was not enough for her - she had to teach.

    She always has looked at wisdom as its own reward, and as a character improving act. One cannot be good without being wise. One cannot be truly wise without being truly good. She would argue - politely, but firmly - with Huojin advocates almost as often as she would teach from a Tushui bent.

    But the Wandering Isle's paucity of knowledge had long bothered her. An awareness of the limitations of her horizons, and how that might be reflected in her thought, was an idea that long troubled Baochai. And so she left with the rest of the Purple Bellflower's Masters to travel the world - hoping to learn and to grow in her perspective. She can miss Shen-zin Su, in her more melancholic moments, and she is genuinely fond (if not particularly close) to her large family - but this is an adventure both physical and intellectual, a challenge she wishes she can meet.

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