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    Sifo the Wandering

    Post  Hudis on Tue Oct 02, 2012 10:40 am

    Name: Sifo, of the Hammersong family.

    Origin: The Wandering Isle. Speaks of Stonetalon Mountains as a second home.

    Age: Adult. Probably bordering on middle-aged.


    Sifo Hammersong was born into a well-respected family of swordsmiths somewhere in the mountainous regions of Shen-zin Su. Early on, a hammer was put in his hand and a chunk of metal in the other. He was told, "Make a sword, little one. Show your skill!"

    He made a crude dragon figurine instead.

    Many years were spent on the isle, and as undoubtedly all Pandaren with an aptitude for learning, he studied everything he could find. He was taught martial arts and philosophy and brewing, but was this enough? No, still he wanted more. The Wandering Isle felt smaller and smaller (when in fact Shen-zin Su is rather famous for the opposite), and when Chen Stormstout and likeminded brewmasters left, so did Sifo, and no longer was he Hammersong.

    Since then, the Third War has passed and numerous other conflicts as well, and Sifo clung to neutrality like a dear old friend. He picked up trinkets from various cultures, and befriended everything from a furbolg wood-carver to an orcish blademaster. He has wandered all this time, and still he can be heard brooding on a question:

    "Is there a way back, to Shen-zin Su?"

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