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    Gaoshan the Smiling Mountain

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    Gaoshan the Smiling Mountain

    Gaoshan was born on Shen-zin Su. Orphaned at a young age, he was taken in by master Lim the Dancing Blossom. This old and venerable hermit lived in solitude on a hill near the Rows, the Wandering Isle's farmland. Often considered mercurial and quirky by the neighboring farmers, the old master welcomed the company of young Gaoshan.

    The fickle master Dancing Blossom educated Gaoshan in the ways of Tushui through hard work and rigorous training. Gaoshan's famed large stature comes from master Dancing Blossom's insistance that his young student must bring back food and suppies from the Dai-Lo Farmstead every single day... And Dancing Blossom had quite the appetite!

    As Gaoshan grew in size and age, master Dancing Blossom found it appropriate to name his orphaned pupil. "You shall be known as the Smiling Mountain," he said. "For I have yet to meet someone with greater stature and heart than you, my student". Shortly thereafter, Dancing Blossom passed away.

    When Aysa Cloudsinger joined the Alliance, after the events that transpired on Shen-zin Su, Smiling Mountain followed suit to explore these strange new lands where this... Alliance come from. Shortly after landing in Stormwind, he heard of a new school of Tushui, the Purple Bellflower, that had been founded and now roamed these regions. Smiling Mountain knew that he had to join this school to gather knowledge of this vast world together with his peers. So he traveled to Dun Morogh, where the Purple Bellflower was currently residing.

    And that is where the real story begins...

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