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    A loose guideline on colors and their interpretations in Wandering Isle culture.


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    A loose guideline on colors and their interpretations in Wandering Isle culture. Empty A loose guideline on colors and their interpretations in Wandering Isle culture.

    Post  TheExplorer Wed May 22, 2013 2:25 am

    A'ight so I was bored and thought to myself; why not write up something interesting we can use in RP?

    The color red can stand for many things. Eventhough in recent times it has been most often associated with bloodshed, red stands for pride and vitality; joy and unbridled creativity. Those that live the way of the Huojin often clad themselves in red attire, to represent their ideals.

    Such said, the flip side to red is jealousy and hate. Though often frowned upon, family members may attend to a loved one's funeral in red gowns to vocalize their wish for retribution.

    Blue represents calmness and relaxation, wisdom and clarity. Going by tradition, blue is almost inseparable from the mind - expansive like the seemingly endless pool of water home to Shen-zin Su. Lastly, blue is often used to describe the immortality of one's spirit. Pandaren that follow the Tushui philosophy value these traits, as such they often take to wearing clothes that incorporate blue.

    Blue is the color of spring, a gentle tropical breeze and clear blue skies. Many born in the period of Spring are born with a craving to learn, though few make it to become full fledged scholars.

    While more often than not viewed in a negative daylight by other cultures, the pandaren of the Wandering Isle have a different take on black. Younglings - especially boys - that wear black do so to indicate they wish to continue their family lineage. The season associated with the color black is winter. Most successful wardancers are born in mid-winter, raised to be cold and calculating, adaptable and emotionally secure.

    Arguably one of the most commonly worn of colors is brown. It's a sign of stability and trust - the workers of the Wandering Isle make up the backbone of society, providing their services where called for. It also stands for single mindedness, praised by the stubborn and determined alike they don themselves in brown as a testament to their unequalled resolve. If anything, brown's age-long companion is the turtle.

    Green's connection to the natural world predates that of all societies. It plays one of the largest roles in the wanderlust pandaren way of life, for life is abundant on the great turtle's back. No matter where you turn, there is one color you're certain to find and that's green. If one plant had to define the color green it would be the plum tree, its hardiness able to overcome even the most barren of winters. Green means endurance even on the point of breaking.

    While once a sign of royalty, yellow has long since had its meaning redefined by the wanderlust pandaren of the Wandering Isle. Nowadays, yellow is worn by the carefree - those without direction. Yellow always plays a role during the summer time when most inhibitions are cast aside in favor of joy and brashness.

    White is purity, goodness of the soul. Yet, it is most often reserved for special occasions such as funerals. For this reason, white is also associated with mourning and death. While saddened, many pandaren draw wisdom from an old saying of Liu Lang, "Never mourn a life well-lived."

    Pandaren, as kind of a people they may be are inherently spiritual. Purple encompasses all things astral - incorporeal, awareness of the self and growth from within. It is a color of scholars, wisdom and exploration beyond the physical, favored by both young and curious for one can never learn enough.

    Silver and Gold
    Gold and silver may seem rather similar upon first glance, as both work in relation to worldly riches yet there's more than the eye can behold. One could say they compliment eachother, since silver is the color of trustworthiness and romance, while gold is that of completeness and spiritual wealth.

    Despite this, gold and silver are rather hard to come by on the isle and as such are reserved only to the most successful of islanders. It is because of this, that their secondary uses are to display wealth and power.

    Gold is the color of autumn, as the leaves dwindle down the trees and take a new hue. Children born during autumn are considered late comers, they often find themselves without true purpose until the later stages of life. Many of these pandaren live to become adventurers one day.

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