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    Shoushan Bo Gang

    Post  Shoushan on Wed Oct 03, 2012 4:39 am

    Name: Shoushan Bo Gang
    Age: Middle aged, closer to the older than the younger sort.
    Origin: Wandering Isle.

    Shoushan was never very talkative, and it only got worse the older he got.
    Born of a rich family, he started as ill omen. His mother died of birth complicationsa and his father shunned him for this.
    Later years his fur started to discolor, turning him a mess of black and shades of grey.
    Needless to say, this was the last straw to his jaded father and he was proptly disowned.

    Nowdays he is emotionally unstable, reclusive monk, who practises his own style. There is more to him, but i'll prefer to make you work for it.

    Holla holla for the black bear.

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