Welcome to the Public Forum!


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    Re: Welcome to the Public Forum!

    Post  TheExplorer on Wed May 22, 2013 9:30 am

    This still applies, in case anyone is wanting to collaborate with us on a cross-guild level. Don't hesitate to create a suggestion topic/post and we'll be sure to check things out!

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    Welcome to the Public Forum!

    Post  Flaw on Thu Aug 16, 2012 4:31 am

    Welcome to the Purple Bellflower Tong!

    This section of the forum is a great place to get in touch with us and your reasons surely vary. The rules here are simple: be polite and constructive (if you have criticism) and refrain from posting anything offensive.

    Please be sure to tag your posts with your name (if posting as a guest) so we might be able to contact you.

    If you are from another guild, or acting solely as a member of Argent Dawn Europe's community, and you wish to get involved, whether it is hosting an event, roleplay or other ideas this is the perfect place to address us. Make your post detailed and thorough too so we can really get a feel for it.

    Giving us praise or had some problems? Post your public feedback of the guild here too! If you have a complaint about the guild, or one of its member, it would help us that you notify us of it here (and would be even better if screenshots are provided too). We can respond and act accordingly given the information you provide us but also beware, a Pandaren can be ferocious when angered and we do not support malicious behavior here!

    If you're wish to join or have any other questions, this is a great place to post as well.

    And with that said, should you require further information then ask away strangers!

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