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    [Main Storyline] The Value of Dreams (Current: Golden Sands)


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    [Main Storyline] The Value of Dreams (Current: Golden Sands) Empty [Main Storyline] The Value of Dreams (Current: Golden Sands)

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    The Value of Dreams

    The rosewood chair creaked under Tsang's heavy weight. He leant back in the chair, lifting himself from the elegant calligraphy before him. The Pandaren let out an exasperated sigh, glancing to the window. It was beginning to darken outside - or the smog of the Dwarven District had simply doubled in the last hour. He looked to his latest project on the table, some inscription. He wondered how long he'd be entranced by it, he wondered if the Tongsmen were downstairs enjoying dinner, or if they had yet to arrive, still out by the Stormwind park.

    Tsang shrugged, no doubt conversing in his head. He didn't mind, the quiet was welcome from time to time. His naturally sharp eyes finally adjusted and absentmindedly scanned the room, to the painting of Jilai Stillsong, the wilted incense stick before finally - and reluctantly - looking to the opening door.

    Chubukku Mistpaw rushed into the room without knocking, as he always did. "Good afternoon Tsang!" he cried, curling his claws around a wad of letters. He bowed swiftly, rushing toward the table before Tsang could politely nod back. "Sorry, can't stay long."
    "Oh?" Tsang groaned sleepily. His claws sifted through the letters, tossing them aside soon after.
    "Taking Hiyorin for dinner," Chubukku continued, rocking back and forth on his sandals slightly. He was waiting.
    "It's okay," Tsang offered with a smile. He gestured graciously to the door and almost instantly did Chubukku shoot from the room.

    Tsang snickered softly, breathing heavily as he sifted through the letters. One caught his eye, it was unlike the rest, which had come from the Wnadering Isle or had been neatly pressed by trading companies or smaller businesses.

    It was tatty, wrapped with black string. Driven by intrigue, the Wanderlust Pandaren, delicately tore into the letter with his claw. He pulled the letter free:

    Tsang Earthbrew,
    It is with a great importance that I write to you.
    I need the help of the Purple Bellflower Tong and there is no more that I can say.
    Meet with me in the city of Dalaran on Wednesday the twelth of June. Where? I will find you.
    And may we rejoice in the wealth I can offer.

    Tsang frowned at the unmarked letter, his initial thoughts were of distrust, that this was nothing more than a prank by Taolong.

    He could not deny, however, that his interest had been piqued.

    And this feeling was only intensified when the letter erupted in flames, burning up and fluttering into light black ash.

    "We're going to Dalaran."


    I. Event Summary: Meeting in the Purple City

    The Tong reached the 'Purple City,' their reason kept from most. Monuments were seen, shops browsed, food and drink consumed. The shouts and joyous laughter of Tongsmen erupted throughout the city. And Tsang relaxed, their time in the city dwindled and they had yet to meet this mysterious contact, they had yet to be approached and have the answer to the letter revealed. 

    Ebenga Bitterbrew, Tushui and Tong agent, noticed that the group had been followed by a man in black. He led chase and roused the Tong to follow this figure. The chase, short but sustained, had led them to the sewers, the Under Belly. 

    There they finally met with the client… and his offer was like no other. The man promised chance for mountains of wealth, mysterious treasure revealed by three keys that were not yet in his possession. The journey, long and hard, feared by few of the Tong, would lead them around the world, searching for the three keys that would reveal to them the treasure. 

    Tsang, calling the mysterious man's bluff, offered a fifty-fifty split of the goal, a loose agreement to share once the three keys had been retrieved.

    'In the desert of the Titans,' their first clue.

    And so they prepared for Uldum.


    II. Event to come: Golden Sands

    Date: TBC
    Guild involved:
    - The Purple Bellflower Tong
    - The Freelancers
    - Amiri Trading House (Pending)

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